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About Adelaide Tang Soo Do Academy

Since 1999, we have established our studio to be one of the finest schools teaching quality Korean Martial Arts and linking tradition with our modern way of life. This unique approach develops a quality of life few people get to experience. Our friendly atmosphere creates a healthy environment for people looking for fitness training whilst achieving their personal goals. Each student is a valued member of our family.

The Aim of Tang Soo Do

The aim of Tang Soo Do is to build confidence and develop a positive attitude.

The purpose of our training is to perfect techniques, which will enhance the total self.

Tang Soo Do refers to that body of knowledge, which enables us to apply physical techniques together with mental and spiritual power, which in turn creates more powerful physical skills.

To become a black belt does not only mean skill or effective power, it means the whole process of continuous spiritual, mental and physical development for fulfilling virtues of value, wisdom and kindness.

At Adelaide Tang Soo Do Academy (ATSDA), we believe that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Martial Arts Training to enhance their quality of life. We strive to provide the best Tang Soo Do education available, and encourage each individual to do their best; to find each student’s hidden potential, as well as to build a “Can Do” attitude.

As our academy grows, we are moving together in a positive direction. We work together side by side; we have unity and teamwork, not just the instructors and students, but many family members as well.