The Australian Flag

Australian FlagThe Union Jack

Represents Australia’s roots from England.

The Southern Cross

The Southern Cross in the right half of the flag is made up of five stars in a kite shaped pattern. They are called: Alpha Crucis (7 points), Beta Crucis (7 points), Gamma Crucis (7 points), Delta Crucis (7 points) and the smaller star, Epsilon Crucis (5 points)

The Southern Cross is also a significant navigational feature of the southern hemisphere.

The Commonwealth Star

The Commonwealth Star, also known as the Star of Federation has 7 points. These 7 points symbolise the six states and combined territories of Australia.

The Korean Flag

Korean Flag

The Red & Blue Circle (Yin & Yang)

The red and blue circle represents the absolute, or duality (opposites) within the universe.

Top Left Corner (Heaven)

The lines in the top left corner represent heaven, the opposite to earth in the bottom right corner.

Bottom Right Corner (Earth)

The lines in the bottom right corner represent earth, the opposite to heaven in the top left corner.

Top Right Corner (Water)

The lines in the top right corner represent water, the opposite to fire in the bottom left corner.

Bottom Left Corner (Fire)

The lines in the bottom left corner represent fire, the opposite to water in the top right corner.


In reference to the nation of South Korea, the white background represents the land, the circle represents the people of South Korea and the 4 symbols represent the government of South Korea. Together these make up the essential elements of the nation.

The Moo Duk Kwan Emblem

Moo Duk Kwan Emblem

The Fourteen (14) Laurel Leaves

The fourteen laurel leaves on each side represent the 14 states of Korea.

The Six (6) Berries

The six red berries represent the six continents of the world and the spread of Tang Soo Do worldwide.

The Three (3) Characters

The middle character means ‘Moo Duk Kwan’.
The left character is ‘Tang’.
The right character is ‘Soo’.

The Fist

The fist in the middle of the Moo Duk Kwan emblem represents the ‘Fist of Justice’.

The Colour

The dark blue colour represents the three oceans of the world and the black belts.