Tang Soo Do Belt Colours

White Belt

The white symbolises purity, the novice stage of training and hidden potential. It represents the Tang Soo Do student as a seed freshly planted in the ground.
The white belt represents winter.

Yellow / Orange Belt

The yellow / orange belt represents the seed as it begins to grow. It represents the transition from winter to spring.

Green / Blue Belt

Green and blue are the colours of strength and good health. It symbolises the seed which is now a flourishing plant, and represents rapid development. It represents Spring.

Red Belt

Red is the colour of vitality. This stage represents the seed which is now a flowering plant, representing the students improvement, participation and advancement. It represents Summer.

Black (Midnight Blue) Belt

Represents the colour of the night sky, representing infinity and perfection. The quest for perfection is what makes Tang Soo Do what it is. Black Belts represent Maturity, passiveness and the harvest. A Tang Soo Do Black Belt should always be striving to improve. It represents Autumn.

Tang Soo Do Ranking System

10th Gup White Belt
9th Gup White Belt with Stripe
8th Gup Yellow Belt
7th Gup Yellow Belt with Stripe
6th Gup Orange Belt
5th Gup Orange Belt with Stripe
4th Gup Green Belt
3rd Gup Green Belt with Stripe
2nd Gup Blue Belt
1st Gup Red Belt
1st Dan – 3rd Dan Black Belt
4th Dan – 10th Dan Midnight Blue Belt with Red Stripe (Master)